Life’s Too Short For That

To quote no one in particular, “life is long, and then it’s not.” Sure, we may be all be on one continual journey of new experiences, people, and places, but that doesn’t mean we have an infinite amount of time to enjoy the things we’re most passionate about. Unfortunately, there are still some things that absolutely no one needs to waste their time consuming, thinking about, surrounding themselves with, and so on.

In essence, life’s too short for things that suck, and we’re just here to make sure you avoid at least some of those things.


Life’s Too Short For That: Our Top 5


#1 Bad Coffee

Uh uh, y’all. NOPE. We don’t play that. I mean sure, we may be biased and all, but life is way too short for bad coffee, and you will never ever convince us otherwise. I mean think about it… most of the time, coffee is how you choose to start your whole day. And choosing to start your day with a hot cup of garbage? Well that’s just sad, and certainly won’t get you very far. Step up your coffee game and thank us later.

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#2 Bad Views

The world is generally a fascinating and gorgeous place, but there are still pockets of it that offer absolutely nothing in the way of beauty or interest, and you know what? We just ain’t got time for that either. Take time to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding you, and if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones born in an aforementioned ugly pocket of the world, go elsewhere, or at least make time for a road trip or seven.

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#3 Bad Company

You know those few people you just absolutely cannot stand to be around? The ones that make you constantly want to roll your eyes and sigh in annoyed disbelief? The ones who make you want to start drinking espresso martinis at 1pm and curl up in a blanket in an effort to completely forget the conversation? Yeah well, say goodbye to them. Preferably forever, but at least for today.

life's too short for bad coffee


#4 Bad Brekkie

Despite what Australia may have you believe, there is more to brekkie than $18 avocado on toast. And if you’re going to start your day with a delicious cup of coffee, you might as well pair it with some mighty delicious food. Whether you need to brush up on your brunch’ing skills with a new cook book, start a new Sunday morning potluck tradition with friends and family, or venture out to new brekkie spots in town, just make sure you’re not paying $18 for bad food.

life's too short for bad coffee


#5 Bad Wine

C’mon, this is Straya mate! If you can’t find a decent bottle of wine for less than $20, you’re doing it all wrong. Also if you’re over 22, it’s probably a solid idea to only buy wine that comes in an actual bottle.

life's too short for that


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