Wholesale Coffee for Your Gold Coast Business


Whether you’re a long time cafe owner, hotel F&B manager, restaurant manager or even a small or large business owner, we realise the importance of finding the right wholesale coffee supplier for your Gold Coast business.

We know how many important decisions you’re required to make on a daily basis, and we’re here to make one of the most important decisions of your morning routine (and business!) a little less stressful.


Wholesale Coffee on the Gold Coast

While some companies automatically choose the wholesale coffee supplier with the lowest price, we’ve come to realise the many missed opportunities in this tactic. Below we offer some factors to consider when choosing your next local wholesale coffee supplier, with special consideration of Australia’s booming coffee and cafe culture!


Benefits of Choosing Specialty Wholesale Coffee

When choosing a wholesale coffee supplier, it’s important to ensure you find the perfect beans for your business. While saving a couple dollars may seem appealing, you’re missing out on opportunities for growth by settling for lower quality beans.

Choosing quality coffee beans for your business ensures:

  • Added initial customer satisfaction & experience
  • Higher potential for repeat customers & referrals to your business
  • New menu opportunities – cocktails, desserts, milkshakes, etc.
  • Heightened local recognition as one of the best coffee destinations on the Gold Coast
  • Employee appreciation – Ask your barista or bartender whether they prefer working with (and consuming) quality beans!
  • Increased profit, popularity and potential for growth

If you’re going through the effort to ensure your business is serving quality food, why not provide the same quality for your coffee beans?


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Why Choose The Laughing Pug?

Our speciality is guiding business owners, managers and employees on how to make the perfect brew.

With two types of superior, delicious whole beans to choose from, both Premium Smallholder Coffees from Papua New Guinea – including our Organic Fair Trade and PNG Gold varieties – we ensure the finest, low acidic, smooth, specialty coffee on the Gold Coast.

Packed full of mesmerising, delicious chocolatey undertones and a sweet finish, The Laughing Pug Coffee is the perfect choice for espresso, drip coffee, cold brew and the ever-popular Aussie cocktail of choice, the espresso martini (aka “Pugtini”)!


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What We Provide to Our Wholesale Coffee Customers

We value each and every one of our local wholesale customers, and are here to guarantee you’re serving the perfect brew each and every time.

We guide your Gold Coast business to increased customer satisfaction and a loyal following by providing:

  • Expert Barista Training – While often overlooked, this is a vital part of ensuring our quality coffee beans shine the way they were meant to!
  • Focus on Increased Yield vs. Cost Cutting – Higher quality coffee drinks leads to higher customer demand

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Request a Wholesale Coffee Sample

Before you can decide if our beans are the right choice for your Gold Coast business, you need to sample our beans. We will happily send you a sample of The Laughing Pug Coffee in exchange for your thoughts!

Simply contact us or reach out via social media, and we’ll get a sample out to you immediately.


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Thank you for reading, and we hope you choose The Laughing Pug as your next wholesale coffee choice for your Gold Coast business. Please fill out the Wholesale Coffee Form for enquiries and orders.

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