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Benefits of Coffee Drip Bags

Posted on: October 15th, 2017 by TheL@uGAdm1n

If, like most of us, coffee is part of your daily routine, you may not have even considered the pros and cons of using paper filters versus metal filters to make your favourite cuppa joe. While we support all kinds of coffee consumption, there are certain proven benefits of using pour-over drip bags rather than a French Press (or plunger).

We hope you enjoy these little known facts about the benefits of coffee drip bags, and be sure to get in touch for questions, or additional information about online or wholesale coffee orders.

The Benefits of Coffee Drip Bags

Coffee Filtering

Because metal filters aren’t nearly as fine as paper, they often don’t capture everything poured into them. From tiny granules of coffee – called micro-fines – to unwanted oils, using a French Press often gives your coffee a cloudy, murkier appearance than its paper counterpart.

benefits of coffee drip bags

Added Heart Health

A stimulator of LDL cholesterol levels, cafestol often seeps through metal filters and into your cup of coffee. While caffeine in and of itself is beneficial to the heart, long term use of metal filters creates an added risk of cardiovascular pathologies, especially when the coffee is decaffeinated.

In paper filters, such as our coffee drip bags, cafestol is almost entirely absorbed by the paper. In essence, paper filters = better heart health.

coffee drip bags australia

Cleaner Look & Taste

Because oils oxidise easily through metal filters, the taste of your coffee will also change significantly, even over the relatively short amount of time it takes you to consume it.

Alternately, paper filters capture these small sediments and oils, and in doing so, create a brighter cup of coffee both in terms of appearance and taste. Paper filters are known to create a sweeter, fruitier, and all-around ‘cleaner’ cup of coffee.

best paper coffee filters

Easy Clean-Up

If you’ve never experienced the struggle of taking out the rubbish only to have the bag break and spill a mountain of old coffee grinds everywhere, are you even really a coffee drinker? While seasoned French Press users often opt to dump their grinds down the drain, its not unheard of for it to aid in drain cloggage.

With our convenient coffee drippie bags, it’s use it and lose it, making clean-up a piece of cake.

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While yes, you could argue that single use paper filters aren’t as beneficial to the environment as reusable metal filters, we’re proud to say that our drippie bags are biodegradable! After drinking, throw them straight into the compost pile, or top it off with some soil and watch your little seedlings grow.

advantages of paper coffee filters


And because our drip bags are designed to be compact and easy to carry around, they are ultimately more convenient than packing a plunger on your next camping trip or even morning beach walk. All you need is hot water and your favourite coffee mug, and you’re set.

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Big thank you to everyone for reading our blog about the benefits of paper versus metal coffee filters, and we hope you learned something interesting! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest announcements and happenings on the Gold Coast, and sign up for our email list for exclusive specials.

Life’s Too Short For That

Posted on: May 15th, 2017 by TheL@uGAdm1n

To quote no one in particular, “life is long, and then it’s not.” Sure, we may be all be on one continual journey of new experiences, people, and places, but that doesn’t mean we have an infinite amount of time to enjoy the things we’re most passionate about. Unfortunately, there are still some things that absolutely no one needs to waste their time consuming, thinking about, surrounding themselves with, and so on.

In essence, life’s too short for things that suck, and we’re just here to make sure you avoid at least some of those things.


Life’s Too Short For That: Our Top 5


#1 Bad Coffee

Uh uh, y’all. NOPE. We don’t play that. I mean sure, we may be biased and all, but life is way too short for bad coffee, and you will never ever convince us otherwise. I mean think about it… most of the time, coffee is how you choose to start your whole day. And choosing to start your day with a hot cup of garbage? Well that’s just sad, and certainly won’t get you very far. Step up your coffee game and thank us later.

top coffee companies australia

Lesson #1: Ain’t nobody got time for bad coffee.

#2 Bad Views

The world is generally a fascinating and gorgeous place, but there are still pockets of it that offer absolutely nothing in the way of beauty or interest, and you know what? We just ain’t got time for that either. Take time to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding you, and if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones born in an aforementioned ugly pocket of the world, go elsewhere, or at least make time for a road trip or seven.

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Lesson #2: Your eyeballs deserve beauty too.

#3 Bad Company

You know those few people you just absolutely cannot stand to be around? The ones that make you constantly want to roll your eyes and sigh in annoyed disbelief? The ones who make you want to start drinking espresso martinis at 1pm and curl up in a blanket in an effort to completely forget the conversation? Yeah well, say goodbye to them. Preferably forever, but at least for today.

life's too short for bad coffee

Lesson #3: Don’t make time for crap humans.

#4 Bad Brekkie

Despite what Australia may have you believe, there is more to brekkie than $18 avocado on toast. And if you’re going to start your day with a delicious cup of coffee, you might as well pair it with some mighty delicious food. Whether you need to brush up on your brunch’ing skills with a new cook book, start a new Sunday morning potluck tradition with friends and family, or venture out to new brekkie spots in town, just make sure you’re not paying $18 for bad food.

life's too short for bad coffee

Lesson #4: Life’s too short for nonsense on a plate.

#5 Bad Wine

C’mon, this is Straya mate! If you can’t find a decent bottle of wine for less than $20, you’re doing it all wrong. Also if you’re over 22, it’s probably a solid idea to only buy wine that comes in an actual bottle.

life's too short for that

Lesson #5: If you want to “rosé all day,” do it the right way.


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