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The Laughing Pug Drip Coffee Bags With Hanging Arms: Resealable Eco Packet


The Laughing Pug Drip Coffee filter bags filled with delicious Laughing Pug ground coffee, packaged into 1 Resealable Eco Packet for freshness. Start your day with a cup of premium organic...


The Laughing Pug Introduction Box (Drip Coffee Bags)



We’re bringing our delicious Laughing Pug boutique coffee directly to your cup, bypassing any need for expensive equipment or finely tuned skills. In fact, this is the most convenient way...


Pug Introduction Box (grounds and whole beans)



Can’t decide which coffee blend to choose? Try all four flavours with this Pug Sample Box. Whole beans or ground coffee options only. You’ll receive: 1 x 200g IL Capo...


Little Dawg Pack



Grab the pug's introduction pack! One of our best selling packs 10 Pack drip coffee ($20.85) 5 Pack hot chocolate ($8.95) 1 Enamel camping pug mug  ($16.95) 1 50g Chocolate...

Strong Combo Pack


  20% savings on this pack! Treat yourself to this sweet pack of caffeine goodness that packs an extra punch! - Your choice of 30 Individually wrapped drip coffee bags...

Black Stainless Steel Storage Canister with CO2 release valve


Store your coffee fresher for longer! When coffee beans are roasted, they fill up with CO2 - Carbon Dioxide. CO2 along with humidity, oxygen, light and heat are the enemies...

Double Wall French Press / Plunger


Treat yourself to authentic French pressed / Plunger coffee at home using the high-performance Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Press in 800ml/350ml. This coffee press is constructed from premium stainless...



This Regular fit, crew neck Laughing pug staple tee will even have cool cats turning to check out the beach girl logo. Life is best when you’re grinning from ear to ear, like our...