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    Cold Brew Guide


    Cold Brew Guide

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    The Laughing Pug Coffee Co. Cold Brew Guide

    How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
    Find out inside!

    Easy 'Drink Ready' Cold Brew Coffee
    In as little as 8 hours!

    Simple & Delicious Cold Brew Coffee Recepies
    For a delicious cuppa!


    Cold Brew Coffee Guide

    The Laughing Pug Customer Reviews

    "Second purchase after initially buying some trial drip bags. This purchase was a restock for me, and Christmas present for family."

    Chloe  - 01 JAN 2022

    "When we moved to Australia, I had a hard time finding coffee that I love. Now that I've found Laughing Pug, I am in love!"

    Heidi W.  - 30 DEC 2021

    "I was starting to buy too make take away coffees. This is a great way to save a few $$$ and still have that tasty cup of coffee."

    Nicole M.  -  27 DEC 2021