What it is: 

A stove-top coffee maker that pushes hot water through the coffee grounds under steam pressure – very similar to espresso.

Fun fact: 

Invented in Italy in 1933 – Bialetti still produces this with over 200 million manufactured to date.

What’s the best coffee to use in a Stove Top?

Try our Dogg Father Blend 

The grind: 

Espresso grind, quite fine but not powder. 

How much coffee: 


How long it should brew: 

3-4 minutes

How to brew:

1. Boil 300ml of water.

2. Grind 24 grams of coffee.

3. Remove the filter-basket and pour the boiled water into the bottom chamber. It should touch, but not cover, the valve.

4. Put as much of the 24 grams of coffee in the filter-basket as possible, then settle the grinds by tapping the base of the basket on the table top. Now add the remaining coffee. Do not tamp (compress) the coffee – you aren’t brewing espresso.

5. Place the full filter basket back into the bottom chamber.

6. Use a cloth to hold the bottom chamber while you screw on the top chamber.

7. Put the Moka Pot on the stove.

8. Watch the brew and remove from the heat when the coffee starts to blonde.

9. Pour out straight away. Do not leave in the chamber.

10. Warm, not boil, some whole milk and add to the coffee or lengthen with some hot water.

Why we like it: 

The Moka pot or Bialetti comes close to espresso type coffee without the need for expensive equipment.