Black Stainless Steel Storage Canister with CO2 release valve

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Store your coffee fresher for longer! When coffee beans are roasted, they fill up with CO2 - Carbon Dioxide. CO2 along with humidity, oxygen, light and heat are the enemies of fresh coffee. These Storage canister has a very special feature - a CO2 release valve which allows CO2 to escape without allowing oxygen or light in. Your coffee stays fresher for longer. The Coffee Storage Canister also includes a date tracking feature in the lid. Record the date you purchased the coffee or the use by date with the this handy inbuilt tracker. The CO2 release valve needs to be replaced 12 months. We will have replacement valves online soon.

  • Quality Stainless Steel
  • CO2 release valve
  • 13cm diameter
  • inbuilt date tracking feature

Care Instructions

Hand wash and dry with soft cloth

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Works great

Great coffee storage

Great container to store coffee beans. An offer of a large size would be great, so a complete bag of beans fit.

Storage canister

I have a similar one in silver (another brand). I’m only giving this 3 star because 1. Filter on the release valve was torn. 2. There were no spare filters provided (my older one had 4 spares provided plus a stainless steel coffee scoop) 3. No coffee scoop provided.