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    Stainless Steel Storage Canisters with CO2 release valve

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    Store your coffee fresher for longer! When coffee beans are roasted, they fill up with CO2 - Carbon Dioxide. CO2 along with humidity, oxygen, light and heat are the enemies of fresh coffee. These Storage canister has a very special feature - a CO2 release valve which allows CO2 to escape without allowing oxygen or light in. Your coffee stays fresher for longer. The Coffee Storage Canister also includes a date tracking feature in the lid. Record the date you purchased the coffee or the use by date with the this handy inbuilt tracker. The CO2 release valve needs to be replaced 12 months. We have replacement valves availableĀ in packs of three, sold separately.

    • Quality Stainless Steel
    • CO2 release valve
    • 13cm diameter
    • inbuilt date tracking feature
    • coffee scoop included

    Care Instructions

    Hand wash and dry with soft cloth

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Erica Lane
    Great item!

    Looks great and has been keeping my coffee fresh at work. Highly recommend this for storing your grounds!

    Thanks Erica for the review on our canisters! Fresh coffee for work is essential! :)
    Have a nice day!

    Jane Dowsett
    Great Products

    Iā€™m very happy with the products that I purchased from Laughing Pug! Love the name and the coffee!

    Thanks for letting us know Jane! Enjoy the coffee and have a great week!

    Rebecca Plush
    Stylish and effective

    I love my Canister! I dropped it today and it stayed intact and, more importantly, the coffee was not scattered across the floor! My only question is how do I order replacement CO2 filters (not that I will need one for a year) as I cannot find it on the shop, but it is mentioned in the canister information.

    Hi Rebecca,
    So awesome to hear you are loving the canisters and that they keep your precious coffee safe, no matter what! :) the valves you can find on our website, just search valve or follow this link:


    Elva Glencross
    Stainless Steel Storage Canister

    I Love my new canister. It not only keeps my coffee beans fresh but also looks great on my bench.

    Thanks for the review on the canister Elva! Fresh coffee and stylish kitchen makes a good start to the day!

    Mrs LK Beilken
    Excellent product with staying power.

    My cannister hit the floor 2 days after I got it when our kitchen shelf broke. I was expecting a mess of coffee grounds and at the very least a dented or broken canister! I was very happily disappointed! Canister has no marks on it and didn't even come open. Coffee is great, as usual. Two thumbs up from me!

    Hi, thanks for your feedback , two thumbs and the 5 stars! Awesome to hear the coffee stayed safe in the canister while hitting the floor :) Could've been a disaster!

    Stainless Steel Storage Canisters with CO2 release valve