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Life’s Too Short For That

Posted on: May 15th, 2017 by TheL@uGAdm1n

To quote no one in particular, “life is long, and then it’s not.” Sure, we may be all be on one continual journey of new experiences, people, and places, but that doesn’t mean we have an infinite amount of time to enjoy the things we’re most passionate about. Unfortunately, there are still some things that absolutely no one needs to waste their time consuming, thinking about, surrounding themselves with, and so on.

In essence, life’s too short for things that suck, and we’re just here to make sure you avoid at least some of those things.


Life’s Too Short For That: Our Top 5


#1 Bad Coffee

Uh uh, y’all. NOPE. We don’t play that. I mean sure, we may be biased and all, but life is way too short for bad coffee, and you will never ever convince us otherwise. I mean think about it… most of the time, coffee is how you choose to start your whole day. And choosing to start your day with a hot cup of garbage? Well that’s just sad, and certainly won’t get you very far. Step up your coffee game and thank us later.

top coffee companies australia

Lesson #1: Ain’t nobody got time for bad coffee.

#2 Bad Views

The world is generally a fascinating and gorgeous place, but there are still pockets of it that offer absolutely nothing in the way of beauty or interest, and you know what? We just ain’t got time for that either. Take time to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding you, and if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones born in an aforementioned ugly pocket of the world, go elsewhere, or at least make time for a road trip or seven.

the laughing pug blog

Lesson #2: Your eyeballs deserve beauty too.

#3 Bad Company

You know those few people you just absolutely cannot stand to be around? The ones that make you constantly want to roll your eyes and sigh in annoyed disbelief? The ones who make you want to start drinking espresso martinis at 1pm and curl up in a blanket in an effort to completely forget the conversation? Yeah well, say goodbye to them. Preferably forever, but at least for today.

life's too short for bad coffee

Lesson #3: Don’t make time for crap humans.

#4 Bad Brekkie

Despite what Australia may have you believe, there is more to brekkie than $18 avocado on toast. And if you’re going to start your day with a delicious cup of coffee, you might as well pair it with some mighty delicious food. Whether you need to brush up on your brunch’ing skills with a new cook book, start a new Sunday morning potluck tradition with friends and family, or venture out to new brekkie spots in town, just make sure you’re not paying $18 for bad food.

life's too short for bad coffee

Lesson #4: Life’s too short for nonsense on a plate.

#5 Bad Wine

C’mon, this is Straya mate! If you can’t find a decent bottle of wine for less than $20, you’re doing it all wrong. Also if you’re over 22, it’s probably a solid idea to only buy wine that comes in an actual bottle.

life's too short for that

Lesson #5: If you want to “rosé all day,” do it the right way.


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Local Love on the Goldie

Posted on: April 12th, 2017 by TheL@uGAdm1n

There’s a lot to love about life on the Goldie. Between the sea, the sand and the sun, we are pretty spoiled for choice living in one of the most beautiful areas of Australia. Another aspect we particularly love about the Gold Coast? All the local entrepreneurs!

From our experience working at the local markets in Burleigh Heads (and elsewhere), to browsing the latest shop openings in the neighbourhood, we have been lucky enough to find several other entrepreneurs and small businesses we love recommending to our customers.

In today’s market, we understand the importance of shopping locally, and hope you’ll consider supporting these excellent local companies on your next shopping excursion in the Gold Coast!


Shop Local: Local Love on the Goldie

While there are many recommendations we’re sure we’ve missed, our list of favourites are always expanding. Feel free to comment with your own personal GC shopping favourites in the comment section below, and let us know we should check out next!

Main Street Burger Bar

With one current location in Byron Bay, we’re stoked to say that Main Street is opening a second location in the Oasis Broadbeach Shopping Centre next month! Serving up a delicious mix of organic burgers with premium ingredients from local farmers, Main Street also offers salads, snacks, desserts, fresh coffee (from yours truly!), shakes, specialty sodas, craft beer, wine and cocktails.

We love their menu and ambience, and can’t wait to welcome them to the Goldie soon!

coffee brands gold coast

Ultra Suite Hair Bar

After years in the Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade, Ultra Suite just celebrated the grand opening of their brand new, spacious salon in the heart of Palm Beach! Located just beside Wildernis Cafe, Ultra Suite is our all time go-to for hair colour and cuts.

Owner Nicky and stylist Elise are extremely friendly and talented, and have saved us countless days, months and years of unfortunate hairdos. Grab a magazine, sit back, and let these ladies give you the Ultra Suite treatment in their gorgeous new salon.

best local entrepreneurs gold coast


Created by husband and wife team, Alex & Ryan Hutchinson, Mahiya specialises in bohemian leather wallets, clutches, bags, footwear and clothing. We have always loved their colourful label, and the workmanship of their hand-tooled leather items is friggin’ outstanding.

Luckily for Gold Coast shoppers, Mahiya has recently upgraded from an online store to a full Showroom in Currumbin, so go for a relaxing stroll along Currumbin Creek or arvo beer at Balter, and browse their goods in person!

local love on the goldie


Offering a range of services that include Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy and Xphys Training, StudioXphys is our local recommendation for dealing with physical pain. With a kind and talented team of pros, including Corey Rickit, Tegan McKenna and Ryan Lynd, we are thankful to have them on our team!

Located just off the M1 in Mudgeeraba, they currently offer a free initial session with their Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist to see what you think.

local love on the goldie

Numb Skulled

Have you ever noticed that each tattoo artist always seem to have their own suggestions for how to take care of your new tattoo? Yeah well, so did we, which is why we were stoked to finally discover Numb Skulled’s line of Natural Tattoo Aftercare products.

These products are safe and made from quality ingredients, and we’re never turning back. Even better, they’ve also created a special Tattoo Scrub with The Laughing Pug Coffee, coconut sugar and pink salt!

the laughing pug coffee gold coast

Burleigh Social

Located just a block off the Gold Coast Highway in Miami, Burleigh Social is one of our favourite places for brekkie or lunch. Serving up a tasty menu of acai bowls, eggs, sandwiches and burgers, we love this relaxed, indoor/outdoor space when we just can’t be bothered with cooking.

Head here with friends the morning after a big night, and be sure to thank us later.

best coffee companies gold coast

SIX things

Take a quick drive south to Tweed Heads to shop your heart out at SIX things, a pop culture shop that sells a bit of everything, from funky homewares to clothing, rare collectibles, and quirky items you didn’t even know you wanted. We love shopping here for gifts, and highly recommend popping by for a look at their unique items, or just to get a bit of creative inspiration.

best small businesses on the gold coast

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to comment below with your favourite Gold Coast local businesses and shops. Don’t forget to browse our online store to get your Laughing Pug coffee products, and we hope to see you all on the Goldie soon!

Camping Essentials for the Great Ocean Road

Posted on: March 23rd, 2017 by TheL@uGAdm1n

We recently got back from an extended camping trip to Australia’s famed Great Ocean Road, a 250 kilometre drive along winding, scenic roads of Victoria’s southern coastline. What a trip!

Armed with little more than our campervan, surfboard, esky and clothes, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to bring along some PNG Gold Drippies to enjoy in the morning at whatever fun campground we happened to be staying at along the way.

Please enjoy photos and information from our recent travels, and be sure to bring along some of our Laughing Pug drippie bags for your next outdoor adventure!


The Great Ocean Road: Aussie Road Trip 101

Beginning in Torquay, about an hour’s drive outside of Melbourne, and ending in the tiny town of Allansford, the Great Ocean Road is without a doubt one of the most popular road trips in all of Australia, drawing in more than a million visitors annually.

Some of our favourite stops along the way included the famous big wave surf break of Bells Beach, as well as the lighthouse and stretch of coastline visible from Aireys Inlet.

drippie bag coffee australia

While our campgrounds varied from night to night, including some directly near the beach with others located on rather deserted roads further into the Australian bush (hey, kangaroos!), we generally found that bonding over a morning cup of coffee – mostly after a late night around the fire – was not only a great way to meet people, but prepare us for a long day of hiking, swimming, surfing and exploring the sites along the way!

best australia coffee brands

One of our favourite areas, located between Apollo Bay and Johanna Beach, offered some seriously stunning views of a stretch of open ranch land, highlighted by the sun rays peeking out from above a thick layer of clouds. Gorgeous!

australia road trip coffee bags

When traveling the Great Ocean Road, be sure to take your time and get off the beaten path a little. We took the dirt road to Wreck Beach, walking the 300+ steep steps down and trekking in the deep sand to reach a gorgeous area full of historic shipwreck anchors and parts, all backed by crystal clear rock pools and steep cliffs. Worth it!

camping coffee australia

Though they are touristy, the Gibson Steps and Twelve Apostles are must sees, as is Loch Ard Gorge just a little further down the way. If you can, try to time your visit during the middle of the week on an off month when the forecast is showing nice weather, so as to avoid large crowds and overly rainy conditions.

the great ocean road coffee

Lastly, we recommend driving around to Wilson’s Promontory (about 3 hours south of Melbourne), the most southerly point of Australia, for a totally different, more secluded view of the natural beauty of this vast country. Though our visit was a foggy one, it didn’t make the views any less spectacular, especially after sharing a drippie bag or two with our new camping friends.

best drip bag coffee the laughing pug

Where’s your favourite camping spot in Australia, and what are your must sees along the way? We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment below, and don’t forget to browse our Drippie Bags before your next big Aussie camping trip (or beyond).

Where to Enjoy Coffee on the Gold Coast

Posted on: January 22nd, 2017 by n3tB1z

Let’s face it… there’s a million places on the Gold Coast to post up, relax, and enjoy a delicious cup of morning or arvo brew. From scenic headlands to sprawling beaches, funky markets, hinterland lookouts and more, we break down some of our favourite spots on the Goldie to get caffeinated.

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Gold Coast Coffee Hot Spots

Tumgun Lookout – Burleigh Headland National Park

Without a doubt one of the most scenic points in all of Queensland, Burleigh’s Tumgun Lookout is the perfect place to get your morning workout with a view, followed by a well-deserved cup of coffee! An excellent spot for whale watching in winter months and generally enjoying uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean, Palm Beach and beyond, we highly recommend the quick walk up the headland for a peaceful morning getaway.

papua new guinea coffee australia

Recommended Product: Organic Fair Trade Drippies – Bring your coffee cup, drippie bag, and thermos of hot water and you’re set!

Coolangatta Beachfront Markets

Hosted by Art & Craft on the Coast, these markets have prime locations in Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads, and everyone’s favourite southern gem, Coolangatta (aka “Cooly”). With some of the most talented Gold Coast entrepreneurs, food vendors, farmers, shops and more, you’re sure to find plenty of unique treasures, all while supporting local Gold Coast businesses.

Be sure to keep an eye out for The Laughing Pug tent, and head to nearby Greenmount Beach or Rainbow Bay afterwards for a delightful cup of coffee in the sunshine!

getaways gold coast coffee

Recommended Product: Organic Fair Trade Grinds 500g


Curtis Falls – Mount Tamborine

Located in the heart of Mount Tamborine, Curtis Falls is one of the most easily accessible waterfalls in the Gold Coast hinterland, and one of the best spots to enjoy a cup of coffee with a view of Queensland’s natural beauty. Surrounded by palm trees and lush rainforest, the easy 10 minute walk to reach this spot offers glorious views and refreshing temperatures year round. Bonus: Mount Tamborine is also home to several excellent wineries, a brewery, a distillery, cafes, bars, inns, shops, tea rooms and more, and is even ideal for paragliding and hot air ballooning!

australia best coffee brands

Recommended Products: Decaf Drippies &  PNG Gold Drippies


Tallebudgera Creek

Grab your SPF and kayak, and hit the creek! Located conveniently between Burleigh Beach and Palm Beach, Talle Creek is a popular local hangout for good reason. With plenty of shaded areas, calm water, sandy shorelines, gorgeous views and room to spread out, there’s a lot to love about this Gold Coast staple. We recommend brewing a cup of our finest PNG Gold to enjoy before or after your kayaking journey down the creek, and be sure to keep an eye on the wind, as it can make your paddle back much more challenging! Find your own slice of paradise, pull up the kayak, and relax the day away.

coffee gold coast

Recommended Product: PNG Gold Grinds 500g

North Stradbroke Island

Alright, so while it’s not exactly on the Gold Coast, North Straddie is still one of our all-time favourite places to camp, take a 4WD journey on the beach, and savour a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise. A 45 minute ferry ride from Cleveland (the port town of Brisbane, just an hour’s drive north of the Gold Coast) will get you to Dunwich, and from there it’s only a short journey to popular hangouts like Cylinder Beach, Amity Point, Flinders Beach and more. Even better, you’re likely to see wild kangaroos and wallabies, and possibly a koala if you’re lucky!

gold coast top coffee brands

Recommended Product: Organic Fair Trade Drippies


Where’s your favourite spot to drink coffee on the Goldie? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for taking the time to read!