First We Changed The Pour Over Coffee Experience

Now We're Changing The Game for Cold Brew Coffee.

Dear coffee lover,

We’re always pushing the envelope of what can be done here at The Laughing Pug to bring you the best coffee, and the best coffee experience possible!

With our pour over drip bags we’ve changed the way over 50,000 Aussies (and a few thousand others around the world) experience coffee - and now we’re at it again…

Introducing The Laughing Pug Cold Brew Coffee Bag


Look, we know the general reputation of bagged coffee, so before you jump to any conclusions hear me out...

When you're using hot water to brew coffee in a bag you're either not letting it brew long enough to unlock all of the amazing flavours (giving you a weak cuppa), or you're leaving it long enough that the beans on the outside are scorched by the boiling water...

And that's when you get...

Bagged Coffee Was Made For Cold Brewing

So let me show you the magic of cold brewing in our new Cold Brew Bags…

When you cold brew your coffee you’re letting it brew at a colder temperature for 8 - 24 hours, giving it ample time to unlock all the delicious flavours within the coffee…

You’re also using cold (or room temperature) water, so the beans aren’t being scalded in the process!

Plus, with our new Cold Brew Bags prepackaged with our delicious blends already inside there’s no messy setup - just pop the bag in, add the right amount of water, and you’re ready to go!

So now there's no good reason not to add cold brew coffee to your life!

Grab one of our Laughing Pug Cold Brew Bags now, and experience what true cold brew is all about.





"Found these coffee bags really handy to have. Easy concept that I can take anywhere to enjoy proper coffee .. sure beat the supermarket coffee bags. Tried all the flavours .. not sure that I have a fave yet. Thank you!"
- GC (12/03/2021)