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    The Laughing Pug Cold Brew Coffee Bags

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    If you want easy to make cold brew then these cold brew bags will be perfect for you! This is the easiest way to make cold brew without any cold brew equipment. 

    In our cold brew pack you get 3 x 70g pre filled cold brew coffee bags. Enough to make 3 litres of awesome ready to drink cold brew goodness or 1.2 litres of cold brew concentrate.

    For ready to drink cold brew place 1 x 70g cold brew coffee bag in 1 litre of room temperature filtered water. Let sit in room temperature for 8-24 hours. Discard cold brew bag from jug and place cold brew in the fridge.  

    For cold brew concentrate place 1 x 70g cold brew coffee bag in 400mls of room temperature filtered water. Let sit in room temperature for 8-24 hours. Discard cold brew coffee bag from jug and place cold brew concentrate in the fridge. (recommended mix for concentrate is 1 part cold brew concentrate / 2 parts milk or filtered water) 

    Burleigh Heads Blends - Origins: PNG Highlands, Brazil, Tanzania, Indonesia, India - Our darkest roast yet! A powerful blend of premium grade South American beans, blended with hand picked washed Arabicas from the highlands of PNG, with a touch of Indonesian robusta for that extra kick. Excellent dark rich crema with an intensified body.

    PNG Gold - (Single origin) Delicious premium coffee that displays amazing aroma and body with smooth creamy chocolate and dark chocolate flavours.

    Certified Organic - (Single origin) Slow roasted to a medium brown colour which displays good acidity and body with caramel and nutty flavours.

    Doggfather Blend - (Blend) The base of the blend is Papua New Gunea small holder grown coffee (the same as the PNG Gold). This gives the creamy almost chocolatey flavours along with a smooth, nice body.

    Balancing this the Colombian Medellin adds in a little acidity and sweetness. The Sumatran Mandheling rounds out the blend with complex flavours, a very full body, and a long finish. 

    Putting it all together you have a blend that is well balanced. Smooth, yet flavourful with good body.

    IL CAPO Specialty Blend - Origins: Brazil (Natural Barinas Farm/Pulp Natural blend), PNG Highlands (Washed Premium Small Holder), Indonesia (Semi Washed/Triple Picked) 

    Il Capo, meaning "The Boss" in Italian, has been drum roasted to just slightly past Medium roast, giving a very smooth, clean dark chocolate and nutty taste. Sweet and with a lot of body this coffee is going to be smooth yet rich, perfect for either espresso or a more heavy hitting filter coffee.


    SWISS WASH DECAF -   Fully Washed. Decaffeinated using Mountain Water Process. - Dark Chocolate, Toffee, cinnamon. Medium to full bodied, balanced clean cup with a hint of apple acidity. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Great flavour

    Perfectly brewed cold brew- best one to start a humid summer morning in north Queensland

    Hey Cara, awesome to hear we can cool you down up in north QLD, the GC have been sooo hot too! But thanks for the review!

    Leanne Malone
    The Laughing Pug changed my life (seriously)!

    I tried a sample pack a year or so ago and was blown away by how simple it was to have excellent coffee on hand rhat just needed a boiled kettle (and a dash of cream sometimes) to make a perfect brew at home or on the go. Not only have I saved money, I’ve been able to travel anywhere and know that I had packets of gloriously good coffee in my bag ready to make (if you love coffee you know how much of a dilemma it can be to find a good coffee place when you’re travelling). I tried the cold brew bags and they are my FAVOURITE thing ever. It’s so easy to Chuck a bag in a jar, fill it with water & then just be able to grab it from the fridge (I add a dash of milk to mine with ice…cubes). I had family visit for Christmas and made sure I was stocked up and they couldn’t get enough of it! I even had to do a panic Boxing Day order because I was close to running out lol. I’ve had a subscription for a while now because it’s a great deal and I know I’ll use the bags. I’ve also purchased the Habiro(?) bottle for brewing and it’s super easy to use and a good size for the fridge door. ALSO I love the hot chocolate. I was actually shocked at how good it was. It somehow has this extra richness and creaminess and smoothness that’s just exactly what a hot chocolate should be. I am a huge fan and frequently rave about The Laughing Pug to anyone who even mentions the word “coffee” around me.

    Game changer for iced coffee

    My daughters loved these gifts! Easy prep and ready to go concentrate for iced coffees! Love it. Now bought some for myself.


    First time having a go at cold brew. These made it super easy. I can definitely taste the difference between cold brew & hot coffee. It’s delicious. FYI I found each bag made about a litre of brew so you need a big jug to do it in.

    Thanks for the review LC and Welcome to the world of Cold brews! :) -Enjoy!

    Neil Dabelstein
    Old Brew Coffee bags

    So good is the PNG brew. Love it

    Thank you for your review Neil! Awesome to hear that you're loving our PNG brew in our coffee bags. Happy sipping!

    The Laughing Pug Cold Brew Coffee Bags