Drip Bags

Drip Bags



      Drip Coffee Bags

      Here at The Laughing Pug, we’re proud to offer the convenient way to enjoy our coffee ever! – Drip Coffee Bags!

      Perfect for enjoying at your business, home, on-the-go or while travelling, our drip coffee filters will revolutionise your coffee game.

      Our drip bags, carefully made with the perfect ground organic arabica beans, are ideal for enjoying anywhere, anytime, all while amazing the senses and transporting you to your favourite coffee shop. All you need is a cup, hot water & our pour over drip bags, pre-filled with freshly ground premium coffee to create the ultimate brew that will leave you feeling energized and smiling ear to ear.

      How to brew:

      . Bring your kettle to the appropriate temperature (96C)

      • Open foil & remove drip bag

      • Tear drip bag along the open line

      • Hold handles, pull drip bag open & place hangers onto cup

      • Slowly pour 200ml of boiled water over ground coffee

      • Carefully remove drip bag from cup and enjoy!

      (Recommended: Adjust water ratio and steeping time to taste.)

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