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A groundbreaking creation that earned accolades from two esteemed global design awards and vessel that delivers flavours & stories created behind every cup of coffee.

Seriously. Good. Coffee.

They say that how you start your journey sets the tone for it's duration, which is why we believe starting your day right is one of the most important decisions you'll make each day.

Start your day with seriously good coffee.

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The LUX Starter Pack

One of our most popular bundles is the Original LUX 12OZ cup along with a 10 pack of individually foiled pour over drip bags

This bundle also comes with a dribble bag, and a leak-proof stopper to keep your coffee where it belongs.
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Why Choose The Pug?

Whether you're picking up our original PNG Gold single-origin coffee, or one of our blends you're always getting 100% cafe quality specialty grade coffee.

We know the future of coffee hangings in the balance of the actions we take today, which is why we only buy our premium top quality beans from small holder farms that use environmentally friendly, sustainable practices.

There are many ways you can enjoy your coffee, but we believe that before you add anything to your coffee it should be good enough that it could stand on its own.

That's why all of our flavours are bold, smooth and rich in flavour even when you drink it black.

Most coffee retailers focus on beans from the same 3 or 4 coffee producing countries, which is why they'll never be able to compete with our selection of rarely experienced beans.

Add to that our world class roaster, and unique blends and it's easy to see why you'll never find these flavours anywhere else.

While our rarely experienced premium beans are not grown in Australia, we're right here in Burleigh Heads!

And as an Australian company, we're proud to support other Australian producers, manufacturers, and businesses.

Premium Brands We Carry

Our Pour-Over Drip Bags

Here's How They Work

Founder's Story

In my early twenties, the sandy shores and sun-kissed waves of the Northern beaches were my daily backdrop as I mastered the art of espresso as a barista. Amid the hum of the grinder and the steamy hiss of the milk frother, my fascination with coffee blossomed into a relentless passion. Even on days when the instant coffee's bitterness was my only solace through the chaos, my devotion to this rich, aromatic elixir never wavered.

But it was in the lush, untamed jungles of Papua New Guinea that my coffee journey took a turn into the extraordinary. Far removed from the familiar hustle bustle of the cafe, I was introduced to a coffee that was as bold and adventurous as my homeland. This wasn't just any coffee; it was a revelation—smooth, robust, and untouched by bitterness, a stark contrast to everything I'd known.

Returning home, I was haunted by the memory of that coffee, a hidden treasure nestled in the heart of the jungle, unknown and untouched by the world. It felt like I'd uncovered a secret too remarkable to keep. Driven by a newfound purpose, I set out with a burning mission: to bring this exceptional coffee to Australians, to share the magic I had experienced.

Our vision is straightforward but profound. We want you to embark on this journey with us, to taste and see if this hidden gem from Papua New Guinea stands as the finest coffee the world has to offer. This is more than just about savoring a cup of coffee; it's about embracing an adventure, a voyage of flavors waiting to be explored. Join us in this quest, as we unveil the mysteries of this largely unknown brew, and together, let's discover the extraordinary in every cup.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Laughing Pug Coffee Co. partners with many shops and cafes in Australia, but we do not run our own cafe.

However if you're close to us you can always place your order for pick-up at our warehouse.

The only thing bold here is our flavours! We only sell specialtiy coffee, meaning it has been graded in the highest tier for coffee quality, and flavour purity.

But in the end we know that what you love in coffee might be different than what we love, which is why we invite you to try all of our flavours and see for yourself.

Of course! We offer many different grind options, randing from whole beans (unground), to a fine grind - simply select the grind type that matches your preparation method.

Not sure? Please reach out to our team via the contact page and ask! We're happy to lend a hand.

Yes, of course! We even have easy to make cold brew bags you can use to brew your own cold brew at home, so it's easy to brew and easy to clean up.

But if you're looking to order by the kilo and create your own cold brew, that's also a great idea!

Yes! It's hard to find a good tasting decaf - something that tastes like non-decaf coffee, which is why we didn't just take our regular flavours and put them through a decaffination process.

We offer a world-class swiss-water washed decaf flavour from premium Columbian beans that are so rich and bold in flavour, it's hard to tell it's decaf!

We're Local!

9/45-47 Township drive

Burleigh Heads, QLD
Australia 4220


P: 07 56456342