Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet
Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet

Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet

Great for your taste buds, great for the environment.
"Convenient, eco-friendly packaging and perfect coffee blend." - AJ

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The Laughing Pug Drip Coffee filter bags filled with delicious Laughing Pug ground coffee, packaged into 1 Resealable Eco Packet for freshnessStart your day right with a cup of premium coffee from Laughing Pug. Best seller! (4 months expiry date on the eco coffee bags.)

Burleigh Heads Blend - Premium grade South American beans, blended with hand picked washed Arabicas from the highlands of Papua New Guinea and a touch of Indonesian Robusta for that extra kick. Excellent dark rich crema with an intensified body. It’s time to say yes to bold with The Burleigh Heads Blend!

PNG Gold - (Single origin) Delicious premium coffee that displays amazing aroma and body with smooth creamy chocolate and dark chocolate notes.

Certified Organic - (Single origin) Slow roasted to a medium brown colour which displays good acidity and body with caramel and nutty notes.

Doggfather Blend - Papua New Guinea small holder grown coffee gives the creamy almost chocolatey flavours along with a smooth, nice body. Balancing this the Colombian adds in a little acidity and sweetness. The Sumatran rounds out the blend with complex flavours, a very full body, and a long finish. Putting it all together you have a blend that is well balanced. Smooth, yet flavourful with good body.

Il Capo - meaning “The Boss” in Italian, has been roasted a touch darker and longer that boasts a unique blend. The nutty flavour notes and low acidity from Brazil; big body and heavy tones from a high grade Indonesian; and smooth creamy chocolate flavour notes of Papua New Guinea combine to make this a big body, super tasty blend.

Swiss wash Decaf - Fully Washed. Decaffeinated using Mountain Water Process. Dark Chocolate, Toffee, cinnamon. Medium to full bodied, balanced clean cup with a hint of apple acidity.

Instructions for Use:

  • Open eco pack and take out 1 drip coffee bag. Reseal the package so coffee stays fresh.
  • Pull cardboard wings open and position on each sides of your coffee cup.
  • Tear along the dotted line to open the drop coffee bag
  • Pour hot water over coffee until drip bag is full, let drain.
  • Repeat 3-4 times until cup is nearly full.
  • Dispose the coffee bag.
  • Add milk if you want or drink black.



Pairs well withDrip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet

Customer Reviews

Based on 394 reviews

Absolutely delicious coffee

Totally love this coffee!

I take this with me everywhere - work, holidays - even to the USA.
Thank you so much for a great product!

Laughing at the competition

We have been drinking Laughing Pug since Nov 23 starting with their introduction pack. We did try the intro packs from the competition, and Pug leaves them standing. The coffee is richer and smother, the drip bags better quality and the delivery much quicker, even to rural WA. Guess who we are sticking with? The Burleigh Heads blend is our favorite, lovely as a 'Sundowner' after a day on the land!

So great to hear we are the favourites C.B, this review just made my day :) Thanks for taking the time to write it and what a view you have!!! Enjoy the coffee and your day!

Sandra McDonald
Eco packet

Very happy with these drip coffee bags. Love the flavour and would have no hesitation in recommending them

Appreciate the five stars Sandra! Thank you and so good to hear we can provide you with a brew that you love :)

Rod Putman
Burleigh heads blend

Fantastic coffee👍🏽

Cheers for the 5 stars Rod! Awesome to hear you have found the fantastic Burleigh Heads blend, it does hit differently, doesn't it! :)
Happy brewing and have a nice day!

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Founder's Story

In my early twenties, the sandy shores and sun-kissed waves of the Northern beaches were my daily backdrop as I mastered the art of espresso as a barista. Amid the hum of the grinder and the steamy hiss of the milk frother, my fascination with coffee blossomed into a relentless passion. Even on days when the instant coffee's bitterness was my only solace through the chaos, my devotion to this rich, aromatic elixir never wavered.

But it was in the lush, untamed jungles of Papua New Guinea that my coffee journey took a turn into the extraordinary. Far removed from the familiar hustle bustle of the cafe, I was introduced to a coffee that was as bold and adventurous as my homeland. This wasn't just any coffee; it was a revelation—smooth, robust, and untouched by bitterness, a stark contrast to everything I'd known.

Returning home, I was haunted by the memory of that coffee, a hidden treasure nestled in the heart of the jungle, unknown and untouched by the world. It felt like I'd uncovered a secret too remarkable to keep. Driven by a newfound purpose, I set out with a burning mission: to bring this exceptional coffee to Australians, to share the magic I had experienced.

Our vision is straightforward but profound. We want you to embark on this journey with us, to taste and see if this hidden gem from Papua New Guinea stands as the finest coffee the world has to offer. This is more than just about savoring a cup of coffee; it's about embracing an adventure, a voyage of flavors waiting to be explored. Join us in this quest, as we unveil the mysteries of this largely unknown brew, and together, let's discover the extraordinary in every cup.