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    The Laughing Pug Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet

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    The Laughing Pug Drip Coffee filter bags filled with delicious Laughing Pug ground coffee, packaged into 1 Resealable Eco Packet for freshnessStart your day right with a cup of premium organic coffee from Laughing Pug. Best seller!

    4 months expiry date on the eco coffee bags.

    Burleigh Heads Blends - Origins: PNG Highlands, Brazil, Tanzania, Indonesia, India - Our darkest roast yet! A powerful blend of premium grade South American beans, blended with hand picked washed Arabicas from the highlands of PNG, with a touch of Indonesian robusta for that extra kick. Excellent dark rich crema with an intensified body.

    PNG Gold - (Single origin) Delicious premium coffee that displays amazing aroma and body with smooth creamy chocolate and dark chocolate flavours.

    Certified Organic - (Single origin) Slow roasted to a medium brown colour which displays good acidity and body with caramel and nutty flavours.

    Doggfather Blend - (Blend) The base of the blend is Papua New Gunea small holder grown coffee (the same as the PNG Gold). This gives the creamy almost chocolatey flavours along with a smooth, nice body. Balancing this the Colombian Medellin adds in a little acidity and sweetness. The Sumatran Mandheling rounds out the blend with complex flavours, a very full body, and a long finish. 

    Putting it all together you have a blend that is well balanced. Smooth, yet flavourful with good body.

    IL CAPO Specialty Blend - Origins: Brazil (Natural Barinas Farm/Pulp Natural blend), PNG Highlands (Washed Premium Small Holder), Indonesia (Semi Washed/Triple Picked) 

    Il Capo, meaning "The Boss" in Italian, has been drum roasted to just slightly past Medium roast, giving a very smooth, clean dark chocolate and nutty taste. Sweet and with a lot of body this coffee is going to be smooth yet rich, perfect for either espresso or a more heavy hitting filter coffee.


    SWISS WASH DECAF -   Fully Washed. Decaffeinated using Mountain Water Process. - Dark Chocolate, Toffee, cinnamon. Medium to full bodied, balanced clean cup with a hint of apple acidity.

    Instructions for Use:

    • Open eco pack and take out 1 drip coffee bag. Reseal Eco pack so coffee stays fresh.
    • Pull cardboard wings open and position on each sides of your coffee cup.
    • Tear along the dotted line to open the drop coffee bag
    • Pour hot water over coffee until drip bag is full, let drain.
    • Repeat 3-4 times until cup is nearly full.
    • Dispose the coffee bag.
    • Add milk if you want or drink black.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 355 reviews

    Flavoursome and convenient

    Faith Coleman
    Convenient and quality coffee

    I am a repeat customer, as I find these bags are the simplest way to have quality coffee while travelling.

    So happy we can keep you caffeinated Faith! Thanks alot for the review, appreciate it!
    Have a great day!


    Delicious and simple the perfect solution to a high octane morning brew.

    Daisy Katter
    Highly recommend!

    Started drinking this coffee two years ago after trying a sample and haven’t looked back! I am super impressed with the quality and the convenience. I am absolutely hooked. I go to bed excited about waking up and drinking this coffee. Five stars!!

    This is awesome to hear Daisy! So happy we can keep you caffeinated with a coffee you love :) Thanks for leaving this review!


    Sam Martin
    Great for camping!

    We travel in our van a lot and these have made the morning coffee ritual so easy! No messing with grinds. No need to bring a plunger that can break or a coffee machine that needs power! And I’m not worried about a jar bouncing around in the cupboard between stops too! Fantastic product and I’ll spread the word and order more!

    Thank you so much for your feedback Sam and for spreading the love for The Pug coffee!
    So stoked we can be part of your adventures and keep you caffeinated.

    The Laughing Pug Drip Coffee Bags: Resealable Eco Packet