Camping Essentials for the Great Ocean Road

We recently got back from an extended camping trip to Australia’s famed Great Ocean Road, a 250 kilometre drive along winding, scenic roads of Victoria’s southern coastline. What a trip!

Armed with little more than our campervan, surfboard, esky and clothes, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to bring along some PNG Gold Drippies to enjoy in the morning at whatever fun campground we happened to be staying at along the way.

Please enjoy photos and information from our recent travels, and be sure to bring along some of our Laughing Pug drippie bags for your next outdoor adventure!


The Great Ocean Road: Aussie Road Trip 101

Beginning in Torquay, about an hour’s drive outside of Melbourne, and ending in the tiny town of Allansford, the Great Ocean Road is without a doubt one of the most popular road trips in all of Australia, drawing in more than a million visitors annually.

Some of our favourite stops along the way included the famous big wave surf break of Bells Beach, as well as the lighthouse and stretch of coastline visible from Aireys Inlet.


drippie bag coffee australia


While our campgrounds varied from night to night, including some directly near the beach with others located on rather deserted roads further into the Australian bush (hey, kangaroos!), we generally found that bonding over a morning cup of coffee – mostly after a late night around the fire – was not only a great way to meet people, but prepare us for a long day of hiking, swimming, surfing and exploring the sites along the way!


best australia coffee brands


One of our favourite areas, located between Apollo Bay and Johanna Beach, offered some seriously stunning views of a stretch of open ranch land, highlighted by the sun rays peeking out from above a thick layer of clouds. Gorgeous!


australia road trip coffee bags


When traveling the Great Ocean Road, be sure to take your time and get off the beaten path a little. We took the dirt road to Wreck Beach, walking the 300+ steep steps down and trekking in the deep sand to reach a gorgeous area full of historic shipwreck anchors and parts, all backed by crystal clear rock pools and steep cliffs. Worth it!


camping coffee australia


Though they are touristy, the Gibson Steps and Twelve Apostles are must sees, as is Loch Ard Gorge just a little further down the way. If you can, try to time your visit during the middle of the week on an off month when the forecast is showing nice weather, so as to avoid large crowds and overly rainy conditions.


the great ocean road coffee


Lastly, we recommend driving around to Wilson’s Promontory (about 3 hours south of Melbourne), the most southerly point of Australia, for a totally different, more secluded view of the natural beauty of this vast country. Though our visit was a foggy one, it didn’t make the views any less spectacular, especially after sharing a drippie bag or two with our new camping friends.


best drip bag coffee the laughing pug


Where’s your favourite camping spot in Australia, and what are your must sees along the way? We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment below, and don’t forget to browse our Drippie Bags before your next big Aussie camping trip (or beyond).

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