Never Run Out of Coffee Again

Join Over 400 Laughing Pug VIP Members Who Never Have to Feel What It’s Like to Run Out of Coffee Ever Again…

You've had The Laughing Pug coffee, so you know that moment when you open your coffee bag, breathe in that satisfying aroma and smile while you dream about what deliciousness you’re about to have…

…only to realise that you’re out of coffee.

It’s heartbreaking - perhaps even cruel.


If you know you want The Laughing Pug in your corner, and in your cupboard then what I’m about to share with you will remove that cruel moment from your life for good...

I want to share with you the best way to ensure you always have your favourite coffee on hand, even if you ‘forgot’ to order it on time.


The Laughing Pug VIP Subscription Service

This is not just another ‘box subscription’ where every month you gamble to see if you’re getting anything good.  


With our VIP Subscription you get the finest small holder coffee blends we’ve discovered, and you don’t need to gamble because you decide what goes in each shipment, and you decide how often that shipment goes out - period.

Setup Is a Snap

Setting up your subscription is as easy as placing your regular order, you’re just clicking a different button after you’ve selected your blend and the size you want.

Instead of 'One-time Purchase" you’ll click "Subscribe and save (Save 10%)."

You Control What Goes In Your Order & How Often It Ships

Now your subscription options will be revealed. You can choose to have your subscription delivered weekly, every fortnight, monthly. or quarterly.

We’ve set up these specific delivery options because after extensive testing we’ve realised that even with the most advanced storage technology coffee loses a significant amount of aroma and flavour after the first 3 months.

So to guarantee the freshest possible coffee we recommend as much as you need for 3 months, or less, as needed.

Leading to Significant Savings Potential

Knowing this leads our VIP Subscription members to significant potential savings by controlling the amount of coffee ordered, and the rate it’s shipped out. First, every VIP Subscription member automatically gets our VIP Subscription savings of 10% off all subscription eligible items.

That means 10% savings on every subscription order of...

  • whole beans
  • ground coffee
  • pour-over drip bag coffee
  • all Belgium drinking chocolate
  • premium dark chocolate coffee beans


Plus there’s one more way for you to save…

All Subscription Orders May Be Eligible For Free Shipping

That’s right - each order placed on your subscription that meets our minimum threshold for free shipping, and is being shipped to anywhere in Australia, then it automatically qualifies - and you don’t have to do a thing!


This is why having complete control over your subscription is so powerful!

Not only do you get the absolute convenience of having your favourite coffee order shipped straight to your door, but you can take full advantage of our subscription to get a 10% discount on eligible items AND free shipping on every order.


How great is that?

No Subscription Fees

Here at The Laughing Pug we believe it’s easier when things are straightforward, and things tend to get a little complicated when you start adding fees for this, and fees for that.

Ick.  Feels like taxes.

We don't do that. This subscription is about you getting the coffee you want, when you want it, conveniently and automatically.

You Can Upgrade or Downgrade Without The Bollox

But it gets even better.


A lot of subscriptions lock you into their ‘box’ model, or force you to pay a certain amount to stay on the subscription plan. That’s pure bollox.


To get all of the benefits of our VIP Subscription Membership you just have to be an active subscriber. So, what does that mean?


Our minimum required number of items per order? 1 - yep, just 1.


Our minimum number of orders? 1 every 3 months


So if you’re buying coffee, hot chocolate, or chocolate beans from us even once every 3 months and you’re not a subscriber then you’re missing out.

Easy, No Hassle Pausing & Cancelling

We don’t see why anyone would want to cancel a subscription with these kind of perks, and such low requirements but sometimes it’s just not the right fit for some people…


Sometimes it’s just not the right fit for a single month, or a few months…


If that’s the case then pausing or cancelling your subscription is just a few clicks away. You won’t be hassled by our team, and we won’t try to sell you something else.  


But we will ask you how we can do better (via a form).

Reduce Waste Globally While You Sip Your Brew

One of the amazing things about our subscription is our customers. We’ve found that when our customers are in control of their subscription, and take the time to update their orders to match their needs, they tend to order in bulk.


And when you order in bulk with The Laughing Pug we offer options like the 50 Pk Pour Over Drip Bags Eco Bag, which has far less packaging.


That means less packaging being made, used, and recycled!  


Here at The Laughing Pug we believe in reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact as much as possible, and what’s better than using environmentally safe packaging?


No packaging at all!

Join Our VIP Subscription Now

With all the perks our VIP Subscription Members get, and the low requirements to join it seems like almost anyone could take advantage of such an amazing opportunity.


So what does it take to join?

On your next order simply head to the product page you want to order, make sure the quantity is correct, and then click "Subscribe and save (Save 10%)" before you click add to cart.

It’s that easy.

We’ll send you an email with all of your subscription information, including how to upgrade/downgrade, pause or cancel your subscription.

Join now, and never run out of coffee again.




P.S.: If you have any questions about the VIP Subscription, or anything else here at The Laughing Pug please reach out to us at and we’ll reply as soon as possible.