Barista Quality Coffee

      The Laughing Pug uses premium organic beans sourced from smallholder coffee plantations. The beans are then roasted to perfection by ouraward winning roaster for the ultimate brew! Our beans and grinds can be brewed using multiple tecniques, whether it’s an espresso machine, plunger or pour over - the options are endless. The grind size also plays a big role when brewing the most flavourful cup, so make sure you get the correct grind for whatever brewing method you decide to choose. Investing in a coffee grinder and grinding your beans fresh will defintely be a game changer too!

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      PNG Gold - (Single origin Papua New Guinea) Delicious premium coffee that displays amazing aroma and body with smooth creamy chocolate and dark chocolate flavours.

      Single origin: Papua new guinea
      Region: Eastern Highland province of the Okapa Region
      Altitude: 1300 - 1750 m
      Roast: Medium