Are You Ready to GRRUUUUMBBLE?!

TRIPLE Pug Perks on Everything In Store!
(Limited Time Only)

Every year at this time companies all over are stocking up on what they need because it will help them save money…

They buy now, and save in the new financial year because they know they can write off their purchases and save on taxes…

And that got me thinking “why can’t everyone else do that too?

That is why this year, in the last 5 days of June, we’re offering TRIPLE the pug perks on everything in store!

That way you can stock up on the coffee, drinking chocolate, mugs, tumblers and brewing equipment you need now, earning TRIPLE the Pug Points so you can save on your future purchases.

We’re calling it the “Are you ready to Grumble Event” because 3 pugs put together is called a grumble - how perfect is that!

We also want to share with you how you can earn 1,200 Pug Perks right away if you’re just creating an account, so you can save $10 on your purchase today, and have 200 pug perks banked to help you save the next time you need to pick something up.

And if you’re already signed up there are other ways to earn points instantly!

Here’s how it all works…

The Laughing Pug Perks - Step 1 Sign Up

Step 1 -  Sign up

It’s completely free, there’s no commitment and you earn 500 Pug Points just for signing up!

The Laughing Pug Perks - Step 2 Earn

Step 2 - Earn. 

Earn up to 700 points instantly by taking a few quick actions. (For a total of 1,200 Pug Points and you’ve just started!)

Plus, you earn even more points every time you buy something you want, something you need, or something for a friend, so you can save on future purchases…

The Laughing Pug Perks - Step 3 Treat Yourself

Step 3 - Treat Yourself

Turn your Pug Points into discount codes and redeem the codes during checkout.  You can apply the discount to anything in our store!


And until June 30th you’ll earn 6 pug perks for every dollar you spend at The Laughing Pug Shop.


Pug Points Exchange

500 Points 1,000 Points 1,500 Points
$5 OFF  $10 OFF $15 OFF


Turn your Pug Points into cash saving codes and apply to your order at checkout, no matter what you’re stocking up on - just make sure you're signed into your account when you place your order.

Wouldn’t you rather be raiding your pug points than your bank account?

Sign up to your free Pug Perks account and get 500 points instantly.

Then stock up on what you need knowing that the more you stock up now, the more you’ll save later.


  • Pug Perks do have a shelf life and will start to expire 6 months (180 days) from the date date they are earned. After this date, all unredeemed points will expire on a rolling basis for customers who have not engaged in points activity for 6 months (180 days) or more.

    Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder email 3 days before your Pug Points start to expire so you don't miss out on using them.

  • Checkout codes cannot be combined with any other checkout codes, subscription, or discount offer.


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