Decaf Like You've Never Had It Before

"Amazing taste, you can't even tell it's decaf!" - Christine M.

This isn't any decaf you can get off the shelf - this is The Laughing Pug premium Swiss Washed Columbian arabica coffee. This bean has been treated in a premium fashion, just as it should be; bathed in the tears of joy from mermaids before it sunbathes dry, and ends it's day settling nice and cozy into our roaster. Handled with delicate care as we package and freshly grind it and ship it straight to your door.

There's never been a decaf coffee like it, and there never will be.

Available now in our NEW pour-over drip bags so you can experience coffee like you've never had it before. Pour-over unlocks the delicate flavours of coffee, while keeping the deep rich and bold flavours you've come to love.

Get 25 Individual Pour-Over Drip Bags for Just $49.95.
(That's under $2 per cuppa of delicious world-class decaf.)

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Exclusive 100% Premium Columbian Arabica
Swiss Washed to Delicately Remove Caffeine
Standard or ExpressPost Available

Most Decaf Isn't Good - We're Here to Change That

Most decaf doesn't taste like the normal coffee you're used to, and there are good reasons for that. It's not the same bean, and they don't use the same proccessing or roasting process used in your regular coffee. Plus the way caffine is removed in many decaf coffees is through a chemical process that may be affecting taste.

Decaf doesn't have to be second rate coffee.

We've selected only the finest premium Columbian coffee to be Swiss Washed in a bath of nothing but water, air dried, and ready for our award winning roaster to work his magic. No chemicals, and no second rate coffee beans.

That's why our customers are raving about our Swiss Washed Decaf - it tastes like real coffee because it IS real coffee. Go head, check out the reviews tab. :)

"I've finally found a strong and delicious decaf! Thank you!!"

Beca B.


"Decaf with a great taste. Soo good for camping!"

Gerline B.


"I bought decaf so I could enjoy the flavour without the adrenaline rush, and I love it!"

Laureen V.


"This blend is well received by both patients alike in my unit. Easy to follow instructions and tastes great!"

Jeanette K.


"With my husband's caffeine allergy we have searched for a decent decaf coffee. This is the best, and the eco packaging makes it the only option for us."


Pour-Over Drip Bags Provide the Best Coffee Flavour

You've been told that espresso or drip coffee are the best ways to enjoy you're coffee, but what if we were to tell you that pour-over was the original filtered coffee dating back to 1908? Pour-over is enjoyed by dozens of cultures and hundreds of countries around the world, but simply isn't get the attention it deserves.

Not only is it dead simple to brew your coffee, it's the best way to unlock all the flavours of your coffee without burning the bean. And our pour-over drip bags make it easier than ever.  

Simply pull the wings over your cup, tear off the top, and pour your hot water over your delicious roast. Our pour-over drip bags are so easy, you can take them on work, out camping, or anywhere else you've got hot water.

If you've never tried pour-over before now's the time to change the way you look at coffee forever.

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